October 20, 2008

~Dealing With the Aftermath of Breaking Raw~

Believe me when I tell you, folks, that RAW is BEST!!! & once your body has detoxed at least to some degree, going back to cooked/processed/meat & dairy is REALLY not fun AT ALL!
I thought I'd come back home, & jump right back into raw...I got some produce, & have been eating lots of it, but I've been really having cravings, & struggling against a new lackadaisical attitude that is really proving to be a battle to crucify!
When I was there, I made choices, but now, I feel like I'm almost totally in bondage again... ...but I know that I just need to jump back in, or ease back in, or whatever it takes, & get back to 100% raw ASAP!
That's when I feel ALIVE! That's when I can tell I'm healing on a cellular level, & feel better by the day...& I miss that, I miss all the energy that comes with that, the lack of pain & achiness, the much more vivacious emotional state, & however long it takes me to get back to that, I'm headin' there again, & am going to persevere!
So don't give up on me, K? I'm not giving up, I'm pressin' on, one day at a time!
& I'm healing, a little each day, from the damage done from my 2 weeks of eating stuff I knew I shouldn't be...
...in retrospect,there was an illusion of 'freedom' to not be 100% raw for awhile, to not have to plan ahead, or chop, chop, chop, or budget for enough produce to get through, & not eat when & what others were eating, especially when eating out...& it was great to not have to plan & preapre every meal!...
...but the so-called freedom led to bondage to old habits, taste preferences from the past, & POWERFUL cravings that have gripped me again, & it soooo was NOT worth it!
I AM a Raw Foodist, & I know it's what I'm meant to be!!!


Livin'onLife said...

Just wanted to say I'm prayin' for you. And, I have been checking your blog daily, just haven't had as much time to post comments, so don't think I've given up on you : )
Have a rawsome day!!

Rawbyn said...

I am going through some of the same struggles as you are in returning to raw! I am just coming back after a 3 month hiatus and 20 pounds! I have some questions on my blog on the Oct. 29 posting. If you get a chance would you stop by and answer them, I could really use the help! http://robyn-grimsley.blogspot.com/ Thanks and good luck!

Anonymous said...

ooooo poor Robyn.. maybe it's your punishment??