November 10, 2008

From One Challenge to Another!

Well, the 100 day RawFu challenge is's been a time of learning, growing, changing...'s been a time of gentle rawstoration, & a time of perseverance...
I've learned that I must be led by the Holy Spirit, & seek Him for guidance & wisdom in how to do this each & every day! When I do, my healing unfolds....when I don't, it slows, even stagnates, & reverses~
Oh, how I need Him!!!
So what's next, you ask? Well, the next mini challenge begins November 15th, & goes until December 24th...& then, another 100 day challenge begins on January 1st! Will you come join me?
Being there has definately contributed to my progress, (even though I didn't reach ALL my goals over the 100 days, I did let go of 29 more pounds, & began to understand how to do raw in the way that works for me, & that is invaluable! There's a wealth of info, insight, support, & fellowship available, especially for those who reach out & dive in with both feet!
I've been trying to remain 100% raw sinse my trip, & do good for most of the day, but am sometimes struggling in the evenings, missing the FULL feeling of sad food, like I just can't eat enough raw food to fill me up, but I am determined to return to 100% NOW, because I miss how I feel when I am! & I NEED to be again, it's affecting my life, my energy, my sleep patterns NOT to be 100%!
The truth is, for social reasons, I wish sometimes that high raw worked for me but it just doesn't... here I go again, pressing on, determined to get & STAY 100% again! & my goal is not just to stay 100% during the challenge, but to accomplish what I set out to do last year, one FULL YEAR STRAIGHT of 100% raw!!! & I will begin counting as soon as I am consistant!
I also intend to do some fasting/detox before the next 100 day challenge, & hopefully some juice feasting, as well~
My next goal is to be under 300lbs before this year ends! I realize that'll mean shedding more weight between now & then than I lost the whole challenge, but that's because I regained, TWICE, from breaking raw, otherwise, I know it WILL go fast, if I increase my movement & STAY 100%!
SO, here I go again!
Come join me!


Mario said...

Hey ~A~, i think if you could juice feast for the mini challenge, it would help you reach your goals quicker. You may loose 20 lbs in 2 weeks and so. Good luck either way, i'll be around watching and zipping on my green goddess drinks :).

Much raw love for you,

Evelyn said...

Just passing through, and I enjoyed reading some of your blog entries. My daughter' name is Hannah too. Well take care and thanks for being so supportive. I pray that you reach your goals. God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

~Anastazia~ said...

Thanks for the support & encouragement, guys! It really blesses me, & gives me that extra "Oomph" to keep goin' on the tough days!