July 08, 2009

~New beginnings, Changes Unfolding ~

I've relocated, mostly for the purposes of having the support I need to totally re-gain my health, with the consistancy I've been struggling with...& already, things are happening that are confirming to me that this truly is where God has led me, & that He has opened these doors.
I've been here 8 days now, & in the first 6, I shed 9 pounds...(can't wait to weigh in again, have been almost 100% raw most days, & will soon be EVERY day!) I've been swimming, going out almost daily, moving & walking more, trying to stay on a morning schedule, & am getting unpacked & setting up my little gym, & my quilting studio (I decided to sleep in the den & make my master bedroom the studio I've wanted for years!)
The biggest change here is that getting to the grocery store consistantly (& maybe even the Farmer's Market!) & the health food store once in awhile is no longer going to be a weekly struggle, & so that ends the struggle to stay raw!
No more living off the SAD food from the food bank half the month, due to financial limitations...no more only getting out of the house once or twice a week!
I also hope to be driving by the fall, after over 8 years of not driving!
I'll also be going swimming regularily, including water aerobics classes, & have access to a full gym, indoor walking track, & other regular physical activites to start being CONSISTANTY active, something I've struggled with over the years, but know it's time to get serious about...
My first goal is to shed 25-30 pounds this month! With 9 gone already by the 6th, I'm on my way!
I will do this by:
~ Staying 100% raw (I've been 60-90% since arriving, but am ready & my kitchen is prepared now for 100%, as of today! Here we go! Day one, again!)
~ Gradually increasing my exercise, (so the FM doesn't flare up like it always does when I begin getting active, due to overdoing it!I'm still recovering from all the packing, the move, & the unpacking, & both my hands are still totally numb (CTS) so I'm having to pace myself this time, but swimming is something I can do without too much pain, so I'm planning on making it the main source of activity at first...)
~ Getting on a proper sleep schedule, ensuring I begin getting enough sleep finally (something I know has contributed to my weight gain, & my struggle to shed these extra pounds I'm so weary of carrying!)
~ Keeping enough raw food around, bringing it with me on outings, & trying new raw recipes weekly. Also, daily green smoothies, juicing when I have enough produce, & gradually incorporating detox & mini-fasts into my routines, as led, & able.
Well, that's it for now...thanks for checking in on me, for those of you still reading, & Howdy, & welcome to my blog, for the newcomers!
I'll be a lot more consistant now, with my new commitments...maybe even little daily updates! (Especially if the scale continues to reflect the changes I'm making favorably! Yes, health is my untimate goal, but that will only come with the shedding of this extra weight, so it, too, is in my focus!)


Debra said...

Great job Anastasia! I am down 70 lbs! I am not raw- I would say more 50% raw the rest just vegan. But I am totally happy- the family is happy eating this way too. I feel awesome. I haven't been this thin in over 10 years! I have a new blog http://veganfamilystyle.blogspot.com
I am still praying for you! hugs, debra

~Anastazia~ said...

Hi, Debra! With all the getting settled in, unpacking, & babysitting my newphews & neice, I haven't been here much, & just saw your comment now!
Wow! Congrats! I'll come check out your blog, & catch up with everything! Sounds like it's really working for you, I'm so glad! I hope once I get my hormone issues straightened up, I can also just be 50-75% raw...
thanks so much for your prayers!
God is good! Life here is better!