December 21, 2008

Sick'n'tired of bein' sick'n'tired...

I've once more been reminded that illness actually sometimes has many gifts to offer...each day, I see another reason God allowed us to be sick like we've been, {though I also see what brought it on, in both the physical & spiritual realm.}
I've had to let go of numerous plans & goals for the holiday season that Hannah & I had...(she's sick now, like I was...this hasn't been our typical 2 or 3 day cold, or bout with the flu, but eight or nine days of being totally wiped out!)... of the things let go of being that the gifts we're giving to our family, friends, & church family were all going to be homemade......some are, but not most......ministry opportunities that were on our hearts, but unable to be fulfilled...
...even our raw treats (rawnog, hot chocolate, & desserts) party has had to be cancelled...
...but the blessing has been that my focus has been 100% zeroed in on what is important, eternally!
I've been able to spend so much more time in sweet communion with the Father, & He's made clear that there are things coming that most are not prepared for, & changes coming many will find impossible to handle without abiding in Him...
...& my NEED for my health to dramatically improve quickly has been heavy on my heart, as God has been revealing the REASONS it is crucial!!!
So, once more, the extraneous is just naturally falling away...& what clings is being peeled off, layer by layer. Once more, priorities are being re-focussed, & I'm hyper-aware of the calling on my life, & the time that is approaching rapidly to walk in it as an overcomer, no matter what goes on around me!
Days of wonder, days of awe......worth all we've been through, & then some!
Our God IS an AWESOME God!!!!
May He reveal more of Himself & His will for your life during this season that His coming to earth is celebrated......Remember, HE IS COMING AGAIN!!!!!
(& I believe it will be sooner than many expect!!!)
People, get ready!!!!
...& my favorite version, by one of my favorite singers...
(Worth taking the time to listen to, I promise!
Especially her version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow", found here:

So right now, my priorities are to get back to 100% raw, get Hannah better, & put our house back together!
My best friend I haven't been able to see for almost 9 years may be coming to visit this week!

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