January 29, 2009


Ok, time has been FLYING by lately, & it seems a month takes about a WEEK to go by!!!
I've been easing back into 100% raw after the holidaze...we've been dealing with extreme cold lately (especially in our little basement suite!) & have been struggling with FEELING cold ALL the time! But I've decided to allow myself hot herbal tea whenever I need to warm up, & that's helped a lot with making me able to eat a cold meal!
I've been able to order some bulk organic produce again (for the first time in months!) & so we have TONS of apples, grapefruits, sweet potatoes, (fro chips in the dehydrator! & Hannah loves 'em baked!) & I've been making blender applesauce LOTS! It's so incredibly yummy! Here's the basic recipe...(from my blog at RawFu...)
Fill blender with apples, & any other fruit you like (mostly apples, though! Apricots, peaches, blueberries or other berries, bananas go really well...)
Add some water, maybe a fourth of the blender......add some greens if you like, or green powder......throw in some cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, whatever you like...
...you can even add a little vanilla...then blend, blend, blend!
{Then make another blender full, cuz the first one'll go real FAST!!!}

I've also been WALKING DAILY!!!
My sweet homeschooler, Hannah, really wanted a treadmill for fitness, so she got one with her homeschool funds...& then got a paper route for 3 days a week! (which I've been trying to do with her, but it's been 20 below, & my body doesn't seem to function in that kind of cold! It's supposed to warm up soon, though, & then I will each time!)
I've been a little grieved over the weight I re-gained between the end of November & about a week or so ago, but am not letting it deter me from pressing on & getting my focus back on reaching towards my goals!
AUGH! I just dumped half a blender full of coconut water all over the carpet!!!
& I was craving it sooooo much!!!!
Ok, I've calmed down now...*sigh*...
Time to go for a treadmill walk, & figure out what else I can put in my smoothie...
...One day at a time, sweet Jesus!!!


Livin'onLife said...

Happy to 'hear' from you!! I don't know where the time went either. Glad to hear you and Hannah are still doing well.
Prayin' for ya!

~Anastazia~ said...

Thanks, Leah! It's so nice to know you're out there cheerin' me on! & I really appreciate (& count on! & NEED!) your prayers!!!
Hope you're doing good, too!You're often in my thoughts & prayers, as well!