February 25, 2009

I need your prayers!!! (& support! & suggestions!)

I'm crawling out of the dregs of cooked & even worse, FAST food (why do they call it that when, really, it slows ya down soooo much!????!) & my body is craving & NEEDING to get raw again!
I've been trying for weeks to return to the life-sustaining way of eating I've been so thankful to discover, but only ever make it partway thru the day raw, or at the most, a day or so raw, then give in to the cravings I need to begin all over again to conquer!!! I need your prayers!!!!
I feel like I'm back at the beginning, though I know I've come a long way, & learned much along the way...still, the cravings, especially for bread, which I've NEVER been one to crave, have gotten so strong it's hard to get anything done until I yeild to them! (Invasion of the body snatchers???!!??)
I want to just do a fast, some detoxing, something, ANYTHING, to accelerate the process again...but have so much to do each day, I won't have much time to rest, like I feel is best with fasting/detoxing...
...so please pray for me to have wisdom & direction in how to proceed, & the self-control to get my flesh cucified once again in this area of my life!
Is anyone still even reading this? ***waves feebly***


Cold Hollow said...

Waving Back! I'm trying to do the same stuff, and trying to make positive changes in my life too! I've been on a juice fast 22 days and I'm almost ready to begin my new high raw vegan journey.
I'll be reading your blog, I just wanted to give you a shout out. Good luck!
Be well, Steve

rawpomona said...

Yup, I'm reading! And I'm sending you supportive energy. Hang in there!