February 28, 2009

Another New Beginning, time for re-committing!

(Taken from a post I wrote at Rawfu, in part...)
I never really know how to classify where I'm at...
..."fallin' off the raw wagon" now looks totally different than it used to...
...I still eat more produce than I ever used to, but I still only feel totally ALIVE & like I'm moving towards total health when I'm 100% raw!
Last nite, I got DETERMINED, totally recommitted, & formulated a plan to get back to 100% raw!

Here's my plan:
~ I made a DAILY weigh-in chart & a commitment to weigh in in front of Hannah each morning! (She's my Bob'n'Jillian combined! & my little raw food chef, too!)
(cuz for me, getting on that scale each morning & seeing a drop at least every other day keeps me goin'! (For my health issues to be resolved, I NEED to shed weight!) I've gained back some of the 60+ lbs I've lost & cannot allow that number on the scale to go any higher! I'm feelin' it, believe me!)
This works 4 me cuz I have so much to lose, & as soon as I go 100% it starts comin' off! When you don't have as much to lose, it could be discouraging, but you could make a chart for however often you're planning to weigh -in, (if you are) & write it out for at least a few months in advance...this tells your brain that you're in it for the long haul, & there's no goin' off course in a week or so...
...every time I wrote my weight in (each morning) the last time I re-committed, I saw that chart & it re-affirmed my goals, & the weight-loss goal I'd projected reaching...& it worked last time, so here I go again!~
~ CLEAN OUT THE CUPBOARDS & FRIDGE! Hannah agreed to do at least one month 100% with me, so there's NOTHING IN THE HOUSE to tempt us!
~ Find at least one new recipe to try each week, based on ingredients I already have, & each shopping trip, try new produce, & have a list of things to get that will offer more variety (4 example, I need to start making dehydrated bread/crackers, but haven't, cuz haven't had the ingredients! It would definately help with transitioning & stayijng raw!)
~ Set clear, defined exercise goals, & where I write down my food intake for the day, I also write down the kind of physical activity I did each day. I set weekly goals as well. (First week, exercise half an hour to 45 minutes a day...each week, increase by 15 minutes minimum. (I have FM, & have to go gradually or I don't wanna move for DAYS after over-doing it!)
~ Plan social activities that either don't include food, or eat first, bring my own food, & be prepared to say, 'No thanks!" (Often this is just a matter of my mindset...no-one really notices/cares whether you eat or not, if you don't make a big deal out of it...) For the first few weeks of getting back on track, in the past, I've just not gone places I KNEW I'd be tempted, but I'm stronger now, & can go & say no if my mind is geared up, & I'm not starving when I arrive!
~STAY HYDRATED!!! Definately NOT letting myself get dehydrated helps!!!! & when I eat cooked, I tend to not drink as much water, so often the first thing I need to do to STAY RAW is increase my water, carrying it with me, keeping it at my desk, etc...drinking water right before you eat, or with food actually dilutes your digestive juices...it's better to drink half an hour to an hour before a meal, & in between meals. When I'm hydrated, I don't overeat, & my cravings definately decrease...& the weight comes off faster!
~ Most importantly for me, I pray daily for strength, self-control (a fruit of the Spirit in the Bible (meaning evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives, & that we are led by the Spirit, & not the flesh-nature), & I repent for gluttony, laziness, & recieve His grace & mercy & a new beginning when I turn from self-destructive ways & ask Him to help me obey my theme scripture:
1 Corinthians 6:19-20..."What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own?For you are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
I belong to Him, & it doesn't glorify Him that my health & weight are so hindered by what I've chosen to fuel my temple with (rather than what He created for food/fuel!)
So for me, it's an act of obedience, & devotion, out of my love for Him, & my desire to more effectively serve Him & others with my life, & in this body that motivates me to get back to doing what I know works to RAWstore me to health!

Most of all I've learned that I need to just MAKE UP MY MIND!!! THEN the rest all falls into place!
Last night, I finally came to the place again COMPLETELY of knowing that IT'S TIME for 100% again! Spring is right around the corner, then another HOT summer!
I talked with Hannah about all I want to do with her this summer, & I know I can't do those things with her if I can't handle moving around out in the heat! (like last summer!& the last 5 or 6!)
We discussed some mutual goals, & some plans for rewards for sticking to it, & we talked about doing a Raw Picnic/Luncheon at church for my birthday (on a Sunday in April) & where I want to be by then, & we realized together how much more energy we both had when 100% raw, how much better we felt in every way, how much we've both changed since before the holidays, & sinse going back to half raw, half cooked...& how we want to get back to how we were, & STAY there!
We also discussed getting to the farmer's market WEEKLY somehow, & getting the storage room cleared out so we can get to the cold room for our summer produce!& again I decided that when I can't afford raw, or keep enough produce in the house, that is when I'm meant to fast...NOT eat the canned stuff or Mac'n'cheeze from the food bank, or buy Ichiban noodles cuz it's really cheap! (A meal (2 pkg's) for 50 cents! With 50 grams of fat, a ton of sodium, & msg., a chemical feast & white flour! YUCK! Never again!!!)
NO MORE EXCUSES FOR ME!!!! I'm, once again, READY TO BE 100% RAW!!!
{Does all this sound familiar? I know I've been here before, but yet I know I've been progressing, learning, changing, & am more ready now than I've ever been to "Just do it!"}


kirbycuke said...

Hey there
I am here and with you 100%.
It is not easy to saty on track but we can do it and we know it is the best for us and our girls. Hannah is so lucky to have you and you to have her! Email me anytime you want and we can go over our meals and green smoothies,etc
The spring is coming and we will rawk this summer!!!!!

~Anastazia~ said...

Thanks so much, Kirbycuke! That means so much to me!
I will e-mail you, soon! Just need to catch up on a few things!
& I'm sooooo ready for spring!!!!