March 08, 2009

My faith is NO LONGER in Doctors...for ANYTHING!!! (A rebuke of my self for making excuses for not consistantly staying raw!)

This week I'm watching my favorite Aunt die of cancer that has gone undiagnosed until a few weeks ago, after over a year of going to Dr's for answers, getting tested, & having them totally missing it, {though she lost a lot of weight & her health was cleary fading...}
I never knew until days ago that she's finally been diagnosed a few weeks ago with being so full of advanced cancer they can do nothing, & it's just a matter of days now before her time here on earth is done.
It ANGERS me!!! & yes, it's my love for her that is reacting so intensely to her situation, but also, I know that it's also seeing the need to face & let go of the last remnant in me of ANY confidence at all in the medical system...
...& even knowing that chemo & radiation may prolong someone's time, still, I grieve over the fact that that level of posioning & destruction also make their last days painful, & in many ways worse than if they had just died without it, as my Aunty Barb is now facing...
...though I faced cancer last year, & was being pressured to go that route, I know now I never would!
So again, here I am facing another wake-up call...'s time to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, on EVERY level, for our own health!!!
We cannot learn all we've learned, see our own responsibility, & then continue to ignore our responsibility for our own health, & keep looking to the medical community for answers, in naive, hopeful childlike faith!
Doctors miss things, misdiagnose, misprescribe, over-prescribe, mix prescriptions that shouldn't be mixed, & prescribe things ALL THE TIME that can do permanent harm or kill you!! We know that it happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
{Ever watch commercials for drugs, with all their warnings?!?!?}
They mess up surgeries, & hospital stays leave you exposed to infections that antibiotics can't even touch anymore, infections that can maim or kill you!
Things will only change (for us individually, as well as as a nation!) when we face & accept that the medical system {& what it offers} has MAJOR limitations that we try to minimize or even ignore in our dependence on them for FAR too many areas of our lives that are actually ultimately UP TO US!!!
(& God, of course!)
Yes, I realize they have their place.......yes, they do save lives......but when we KNOW that SO MUCH of what we go through is preventable, & diet or lifestyle related (caused!) then how can we just blindly go on depending on the undependable?!?!?
Why are we so unwilling ( & call it "unable") to discipline our flesh, our appetites, our carnality that has gotten us so unhealthy in the first place, finally just facing our lazy, self-centered flesh nature & JUST DO IT!?!?!?
{I'm speakin' to myself here, not pointing the finger at anyone......I'm just so weary of the yo-yoing of transitioning, rather than victory......& of the consequences this has brought to my health & entire life!}
When we know that eating raw, organic whole foods keeps us so much healthier, & that even when we do have health issues, it helps us heal from things so much more effectively, & when we know the benefits to our immune system, to our health on every level, why would we return like lambs to the slaughter to fake food, based only on taste, habit, emotions, & not on life-giving substance???
Why are we willing to spend so much money (especially compared to other nations!) on pampering & entertaining our flesh, yet not on feeding it pure, whole, organic foods?(Even if it means we can't afford the other things we want!)
Why do we spend our time doing things that actually wear us out & tear us down,but not on things that build us up???
Why do we spend hours a day online, or watching tv, or on the phone,(or all of the above!!) then still say we have no time to exercise???
(Even knowing the energy to exercise often only comes when we actually begin exercising?!?!?)Even knowing eating the things God made for food will lead to a healthy, long life, soooo many just live on in addiction to habits destroying them, hoping they won't be one of the ones to suffer too long, or experience the diseases related to abuse of the body... if it were all by CHANCE, a Russian roulette of sorts that has nothing much to do with their actions...
...I refuse to waste waste one more day riding the fence!!!
Or one more year, or MONTH, WEEK, OR DAY going back & forth!!!
I hereby take FULL & TOTAL responsibilty for my health, from this day on for the rest of my life!
I will depend on GOD ONLY for ALL of my health needs, & in His ability to guide me, & help me do what I now KNOW to do, {& I will continue to also trust Him for supernatural healing when that is the only option, as with my inflammatory breast cancer last year that His miraculous power removed from my body!}
...& I will NOT hold onto the thought in the back of my mind that a Doctor, medicine, hospitals, etc. are NEEDED for me to be healthy & live a life that glorifies Him!!!
I will only turn to them for diagnosis, {only if God leads me to!} in order to gain knowledge of what to research & focus on healing naturally, the way He created our self-healing bodies to function!
Please understand that, yes, the passion welling up in me over this is intense...
...but it also comes with a deep calm, a peace that comes with a much deeper level of surrender than before...
...If you haven't experienced this already, may you know it, too!
...I wish so much my sweet, red-headed, voice-of-an-angel songbird Aunty Barb had.
I pray my other friends & relatives, & all those I'm led to, will allow me to speak this truth into their lives, too, when my life & health fully reflects what I know, so they can observe the transformation it has brought me, Hannah, & our future, & see that it could also be theirs!
James 4:14-15
"For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”


Paulina said...

Awesome post! I agree with your every word. I too have lost all faith in doctors watching my cousin go through cancer. It's time we take control of our health! I wish everyone knew that

Shannon said...

Powerful post Anastazia and another wake up call for me as well. I seem to do okay for awhile and then fall off the wagon. I'm thinking it's not so much falling anymore as leaping. I don't care what anyone says, it is ALWAYS a conscious choice.

Let's get well, stay well and teach others the same.

Love you - keep going sister!