March 18, 2009

~The Call of the Raw~

I often hear the call of the wild...the yearning to go off into the forest, away from all but the beauty of God's creation, to climb mountains, to lay down in a field & watch the birds cross the sky, to sit by the ocean & let the sound of the waves wash over me...
...but now, I also hear the call of RAW...when I eat man-made imitation food, my body grumbles & sighs, expressing it's unmet needs, & I find myself daydreaming of a big salad, mangos, celery, blueberries, avacados, watermelon...
When I give my body what it truly wants, the cells of my body respond with an enthusiastic & loud "YES!!!" & I am in awe at how quickly my energy & strength increase!
Our cells are being replaced could we believe for even a moment that what we fuel them with doesn't really matter?!?!?!? It's a lie we've been told, & then tell ourselves, to justify eating for taste, not health, & for convenience, not the long-term consequences, & for 'value' (junk food IS cheap!), not the price we eventually pay!
When I'm hungry now, the call of RAW, whole, real food is what I most often hear...when I see food that doesn't truly nourish, it no longer looks appetizing in the same old way....yes, when I'm famished, it can still tempt me, but I'm beginning to listen on a deeper level to what my body is truly hungry for, & what truly satisfies...& the strength to say NO to fake, unhealthy food just comes so much easier, after allowing my body to experience the difference!
That's why I suggest people give raw, whole foods a chance...just do a 30 day challenge, & see how ALIVE you COULD be feeling ALL the time, if you're just willing to EAT TO LIVE, & NO LONGER LIVE TO EAT!!!
I'm realizing that this is similar to spiritual hunger...when I was wandering in the maze of Eastern Spirituality, exploring, & then immersing myself in New Age & occultic practices that I believed would feed & nourish my spirit, I was seeking truth, peace, hope, love, & I 'consumed' things that just didn't satisfy, & left me empty, & longing for more...(like processed food always does...) but when I finally surrendered to who God says He is, & how He revealed Himself, & allowed myself to enter into a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, & acceptance of what He did on the cross, suddenly the difference, like night & day, left no room or reason to turn back!
The difference in EVERY aspect of my life when I eat raw, real whole foods & when I eat processed, man-made, high-fat/sugar/salt foods is also like night & day...
The Bible says to GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR BODY! How can I do that & tear down my health at the same time? I no longer can..."And you shall know the truth, & the truth shall SET YOU FREE!"
Pursuing a better way to live, to eat, to take care of these temples of the Holy Spirit doesn't have to be carnal, worldly-minded, vain or obsessive, or 'another gospel' to be preached...& we don't need to chase after youth or beauty in order to seek health, strength, healing so we have the ability to fulfill what we were put here on earth to do!
It's all a matter of perspective, balance, & wisdom...& for me, now, of obedience...


Shannon said...

I love how bold you are to speak the truth.

Michele said...

Wow, what an amazing journey you're on!! I'm so glad you commented on my contest post 'cause I haven't seen your blog before. Good for you for taking control of your life--and in SUCH a healthy way!!!