March 29, 2009


My birthday's coming! Though it's always been a bit of a sad day for me (I was affected deeply by things that have taken place on that day...the Oklahoma City bombing, Waco (& the death of all the branch Davidians, especially the 17 children...& other things...) but last year, the joy of celebrating began to return again, when Hannah threw me a suprise picnic (it was so cold we ate FAST & ran inside! but it was FUN!)
So this year, I have my old best friend I haven't seen in almost 8 years coming (for Easter, the week before, & staying until then...) & her & I & some of my local friends are all going out to my new best friend's house on the lake, & we're going to have a Raw Spa day! Raw lazagna, some raw side dishes, a big yummy salad, & some of Shannon's incredible chocolate fudge with a variety of toppings (nuts, raspberry sauces, etc.) & then we're going to do some natural spa things! (Avacado masques, strawberry astringents, steaming our mudd masques, foot massages, etc .) It's going to be so fun! Hannah's going to help me plan it all out, & I'm sooo looking forward to it!
Now if I can just stay 100% raw until then, & be past the detox stuff I've been experiencing! (Headaches, even migraines, not sleeping well, back pain, tummy stuff...& I haven't even been 100%...)
...& my goal is to shed at least 10 more pounds before then! That'll be my birthday gift to myself!

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