April 04, 2009

Go visit the Sunny raw Kitchen!!!

I've rediscovered one of my favorite blogs today! & I need to tell you, it's SUCH an amazing gift to the raw community!
Do you know about it? it's called, "My Sunny Raw kitchen," & she (Carmella, another British Columbian!) just organized ALL her incredibly yummy recipes, so they're easier to access! She even sorted them into those that need a dehydrator, & those that don't!
{I'm so thankful today, Lord, for Spring Cleaning inspiration!}
OK, so here's the link, go check it out right now, you've gotta see it! Go ahead, I'll wait!
Isn't it phenomenal??? Doesn't it inspire you to go make something yummilicious & nutritious?!?!? If I wasn't so tired, tht's what I'd be doing right now!!!
But I can hear my pillow callin' my name, & I've been trying for eons to get back on a morning schedule, so I'm gonna listen to what my body is tellin' me & go sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!
Enjoy her wonderful site! & please tell her for me that I said Hi!

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